Paradyne Records

- Music First -

Paradyne Records is a completely independent music label founded with a view to change the label-artist relationship found most common these days. It believes that true talent shouldn’t have to molded or enhanced; instead, it should simply be exposed. With Paradyne’s goal to allow its artists to make their own decisions and be involved throughout the entire creative process, it allows fans to hear music the way each artist intended it to be heard. Since Paradyne is owned and operated by musicians, it understands that music comes first. Although its headquarters reside in Orlando, FL, it reaches out past the city limits to musicians all over the world.

the vault


The vauLt: This is where it all started.

These artists have been a part of Paradyne Records for almost a decade. It all started in 2009, with the release of "Acoustic Transitions," which was intended to provide the listener with both stripped-down and studio versions of songs from some of their favorites artists.

Today, Paradyne Records acknowledges the foundation that these artists laid and continues to support and believe in the music that was created under the initial vision of allowing the artist to have full creative control over their sound and their craft. 

Step back in time and take a listen to "Acoustic Transitions" here